Frequently Asked Questions

Does Inc. accept credit cards?

  • Yes! The invoice includes a direct link to the process. Payments – both ACH transfers and/or credit card payments – simply by initiating the process through the invoice you automatically receive. Let us know if you have a problem, and we will re-issue the invoice.

I need my GA affidavit NOW! Why does it take so long?

  • The Georgia Department of Insurance “requires” companies to upload their financials – including the respective Statement for Publication and the Affidavit of Publication – to their portal by March 1st. Over the years, companies have typically been unable to finalize numbers until very close – or after – this date. As a result, the backlog of notices to be published by our newspaper is extended well beyond the March 1st
  • When we see that the publications are scheduled for March, we notify the Department of Insurance that our clients can now not meet the deadline. They are most understanding and simply indicate that late filings due to the newspaper backlog will not be subject to penalty.
  • While we are not the experts regarding the legal implications of your publishing requirements, we know that many companies file their reports without their Affidavit of Publication and then file an amended return when the Affidavit is made available. We have developed an excellent rapport with representatives of each state and can assist you with any issues pertaining to your legal publishing requirements.
  • It is our practice to issue the Affidavit of Publication immediately upon receipt of proof of publication from our publishers.


Do I need to send in the state form?


  • Inc does not need your signed form, as filing online eliminates the need to submit the form. Submit your Georgia GID011 through their portal and retain the other state forms. We will take care of any required State filing in Colorado, Nevada, and Oklahoma. We do not need hard copy forms.


I registered and received confirmation that I am an authorized user, but I can’t register my company. What should I do?


  • Please notify WNGates ( with your NAIC number and company name. There has likely been a previous registration by someone in your company, and we need to transfer the company(ies) to you as the new account user.


Do we have to set up a separate account for each company licensed?


  • Two things have to happen:
    • The new user must create a new WNGates online account (  top right corner LOGIN)
      • You must sign in, highlight the company to be reassigned, and click “Release.” Enter the new user’s email address, confirm it is correct, and click “release.”


 How do I release my account to another user?

  • Two things have to happen:
    • The new user must create a new WNGates online account
    • You must sign in, highlight the company to be reassigned, and click “Release.” Enter the new user’s email address, confirm that it is correct, and click “release.”


What name should I put in the contact information area for each State?


  • The contact name should be the person to whom all communications are sent, including the Affidavit of Publication and Invoice. If there is a contact person for each State, please make certain that the correct contact is listed for the respective State. The contact name listed with the account name will be the primary contact; however, Affidavits and Invoices will be forwarded to the person listed in the respective State.


What if the Title of the Approving Officer is not listed?


  • Select “Authorized Representative” from the pull-down title listing or feel free to call us (215.628.8686) to request an addition to the list.


Do the state forms have to be signed?


  • Inc. does not need the executed form. You will be asked to sign electronically by inserting /s/ prior to the name of the approving officer of the company. This will serve as the signature, authorizing to publish.


For your records:

  • Colorado:
    • Must be signed by a company officer and retained by you.
  • Georgia:
    • Must be notarized, with an officer of the company attesting that the statement is true and correct. Once executed, the form should be scanned for submission to the State of Georgia Insurance Department via their online portal (along with the Affidavit of Publication, which you will receive from com, Inc. following publishing).
  • Nevada:
    • Must be signed by a company officer and retained by you.
  • Oklahoma:
    • Must be signed by both the President and Secretary of the company and retained by you.

Is it necessary to provide a cover letter authorizing publication?


  • No authorization letter is required, unless you are submitting hard-copy forms.



Does WNGates need a copy of the form?


  • Only when you request that we complete the online entry ($10.00/filing). When filing online, we will receive the data required to publish along with a pdf of the respective state form (without signatures) and no additional information is required for publishing to commence.


What if I realize the form that I submitted has a mistake (or the numbers are revised)?


    • Sign into your account and go to the Summary Page of your account. Go to the respective State and type RESET into the reset field. This will allow you to overwrite the existing data and submit to In addition, the final view will provide an actual form for the respective State. If you find that you need to change any of the state names, you can overwrite the existing data prior to hitting “submit.”


    • PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously submitted data, copy is submitted to newspapers on a daily basis, and you could be subject to additional charges. Feel free to call 215.628.8686 with any questions.


How long will it take to receive the Affidavit of Publication?

Except for Colorado, (depending on the newspaper volume), we will typically generate the Affidavit of Publication in approximately five(5) business days from receipt of your information. Colorado affidavits will be produced following the first publication, which will begin the first Friday in March (the notice runs one time in each of four (4) consecutive weeks).

Why doesn’t the Nevada form have a space to enter Assets and/or Liabilities? 

    • Nevada no longer requires any financial data to be published. Senate Bill No. 350 states the following:


    Sec. 17. NRS 80.190 is hereby amended to read as follows:

    80.190 1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, each foreign corporation doing business in this State shall, not later than the month of March in each year, publish a statement of its last calendar year’s business in two numbers or issues of a newspaper published in this State that has a total weekly circulation of at least 1,000. The statement must include:

    (a) The name of the corporation.

    (b) The name and title of the corporate officer submitting the statement.

    (c)The mailing or street address of the corporation’s principal office.

    (d) The mailing or street address of the corporation’s office in this State if one exists.

    Additional Questions?

    Click here to contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.