Since its inception, has been all about providing timely, least-cost, quality publishing, and this practice applies to our vendors as well. A recent occurrence perfectly demonstrates our dedication to this age-old mantra.

Our online filing system requires that we make available up-to-date state forms to ensure that our clients are filing the appropriate form in the respective state. We contact representatives of our publishing states each year to make certain there are no changes to their process. This year we were notified that the state of Georgia had revised its form and made it available to The revised form required revisions to our website to make certain we were providing accurate information – as well as the correct form!

Within 1 hour, thanks to the efforts of our website guru Goldstein Media and our Online Entry guru JEHM Technologies, the Inc site was up and running with new, accurate state of Georgia information including the revised form. There couldn’t be a better example of timely, least-cost quality service. We’re thankful for their support and partnership – just as we are with our client partners.

Make it a point to visit our site to file your 2020 financial results using our online entry process. Sign up or sign it to join the Inc. timely, least-cost quality team!

Please mask up and stay safe!