Many organizations are legally required to post certain notices for the public regularly. Insurance organizations are required in many states to publicly post financial disclosures every year. These legal notices can include a synopsis of financial results for the previous calendar year, the number of claims filed, information on revenue and profit, data on how many claims were paid and not paid, contact information, and other information that examines the company’s exposure.

While these financial disclosures make up the bulk of legal notices, there are also other situations where one is legally required to post something to public notice. For example, annual statements, notice of an abandoned property, bankruptcies, and class actions must all legally be publicly disclosed. WNGates provides publishing services efficiently, accurately, and effectively.

How is a Legal Notice Produced?

In the digital age, making a legal notice is twofold: clients complete information online, using our proprietary software, and then WNGates compiles date to create the completed notice, which is forwarded electronically to the respective newspaper. Notices are published in the newspapers, which have been vetted to obtain the best rate. An Affidavit of Publication is provided electronically to complete the process.

Failure to make a legal notice can result in fines and other consequences, which is why WNGates can help you avoid legal challenges by managing the legal notices process from start to finish.

As a new customer, getting started is quick and painless. Simply complete our online form with your company’s basic information right from the website. This will create your account at the same time. Once you receive verification of your email address, you are up and running. Simply choose the type of document you wish to file, and follow the on-screen instructions. You can also choose to mail or fax us your legal notices.

Remove the pain from finding the right form!

State-required forms are up-dated annually, which means there is no need to search for the latest form to use, type in the information, or transmit the forms. You enter the data, we download it, generate the respective form, and publish. At the same time, you are ready to print your completed form for signature by your company officials. Your job is done! NO WASTED PAPER!

Once you’ve submitted your information to WNGates, we merge your data into the respective layout required and send it to the most cost-effective newspapers. When the newspaper provides access to the tear sheet, we create an affidavit that verifies that your notice was posted. The tear sheet and affidavit are then both displayed on our site, where they are accessible to anyone via your NAIC number or Organization Name. As new financial reporting years commence, we’ll send you an annual reminder in an email blast to help ensure that you never miss a filing.

Talk about Change!

We’ve been helping companies manage their compliance as easily and cost effectively as possible for many years. Inc carries on the proud tradition of WN Gates Company, which was founded in 1878 – over 130 years! Legal notices were once created using a typewriter as many as 80+ times to create enough copies for each county in a state. We would mail each copy,  and wait for the tear sheets to be mailed back. With the Internet and electronic communication channels, we now provide faster, more efficient, and easier service than ever before. And, we continue to assess our processes to make certain we bring you the best possible service at the least possible cost.

Let Inc minimize your role in publishing your annual legal notices. You can be sure that your legal compliance requirements have been fulfilled.